el birtles clarke (official!!)

what is this?

welcome to el birtles clarke's official website! on the left you can click on a word and it will turn into another web page corresponding to that word! it's almost like they're links to URLs or something!!!

this website was created when twitter dot com started to descend into disrepair and now it well and truly is at that point, i want to make my time online much more enjoyable. hence i've made this website as well as a spacehey which i'm posting on a lot more since i'm more used to posting on a platform than i am on my very own website, but i'll try to keep this up to date as much as i can!

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who am i?

i mean you know my name already, it's plastered all over the bloody website!!!!

i'm 22 years old and i study german + i'm home from being in the Republic of Austria for like 9 months! now i've finished doing some Studying Abroad it is time for me to do some Studying At Home, so if i'm not updating this website (ok, i haven't updated it since like February) you can assume i'm in university essay/dissertation/exam hell!

fun facts about me:

  1. i'm left handed

  2. i'm missing an incisor but my orthodontist made me wear braces for like 4 years so it doesn't look like i'm missing an incisor thank you dr bhatti

  3. i saw björk last summer