crochet :3

these are all crochet projects i've done! i hope you like 'em! all images are on the right :)


criminal mastermind pictured here next to the björk homogenic album, which he has stolen from me!!!

this is one of my more ambitious projects it must be said, but this was very fun to make! i will say i do not recommend the safety eyes i used because they were very difficult to secure and did not stay secure on account of me not securing them very well....

pattern by @caitlyncrochets on instant gram!


a lovely little pair of frogs pictured on my bedside table at my Innsbruck pad!

these were both made using the leggy froggy pattern bought from @knotjadedco on instant gram! it's a very easy to follow pattern and by the time i finished making the pink one i had it memorised and made another, which is not in the photo because i hadn't made it yet. basically, this is a good pattern to have on hand when you wanna make a little frog friend :)

temmie the rat

temmie rhymes with remy, the most famous rat of all and temmie is also a very cute character from undertale so it works perfectly as a name!

he has a little superhero cape on made from a swatch and looks very cute. as with the frogs he is in Innsbruck looking after all my other plushies (a blahaj named barry, a little blahaj named barry jr., a wales souvenir sheep named gale and an octopus named craig. i like naming plushies, what can i say?) and looking very cute.

pattern from with love, feli on the interwebs!

it is peepy but illegally made

two little frogs :)

temmie the rat!