uh oh!!! you just got ZINGO'D!!!!!!!!!!!!

zingo label

idk about you guys, but this is totally me when I get ZINGO'D!!!!!!!

the zingo game

play ZINGO! the brand new zing-tastic game to totally ZINGO your friends to the next level!!

bottle of zingo

that,s RIGHT!!! you just got.... z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-ZINGO'D!!!!!!!!!!

zingo? you can't say no!!!!

can of strawberry zingo

can we zingo much higher?

if we did, we'd zingo further than any man has ever zingo'd before!!! science does not yet understand the true limits of zingo!!!!

another bottle of zingo

there's nothing I love more than a fresh glass of ZINGO every morning to start my day!

this is too silly for me, take me back