things i hear

if i'm being 100% honest my music taste is all over the place but björk and joywave frequently make their way into my top 5 on spotify and as of recent, falco and jeff buckley are also up there. fifth would probably be nik kershaw...

things i watch

main shows i like are the breaking bad/better call saul universe, plus as of recent, our flag means death which is the perfect thing to watch if you're kinda gay and wish you could leave your wife and family to become a pirate, which is exactly what our protagonist Stede Bonnet did! i am also a film fan :) my favourite is probably withnail & i which is richard e grant's first film and it is about a pair of actors who go on holiday by mistake. want to know why they did such a thing? watch it!

things i play

i dabble in a few videojuegos such as stardew valley, pokemon and minecraft! i also play animal crossing but have not looked at my island for a while oops :(( plus now that it is confirmed we'll be getting a new professor layton game i've been playing through the curious village again like i did as a tiny baby (read: 10 year old)